How Sleep Supplements Can Help You Quit Pre-Bedtime Electronics

Let’s get straight to the point: You shouldn’t use electronics before bed. The light from your laptop, smartphone, Apple Watch, or Tamagotchi (feel old?) can reduce melatonin levels and keep you from getting restful sleep. Plus, your brain is more likely to be racing if you’ve been checking emails, catching up on streaming video, and lingering over tomorrow’s to-do list right before bed (or even IN bed).

It’s a tough habit to break, and I admit I slip on occasion. But I’ve found one little timing trick that’s helped me reduce instances of pre-bedtime electronic usage, even if I haven’t abolished it entirely (I’m trying!).

On the nights I take sleep supplements before bed, I put down all electronics the moment I take the supplement.

This is normally an hour to a half hour before bedtime, though that can vary a bit depending on the actual supplement (some are best taken during the day, and there’s one supplement I’ve tried that will give you great sleep — if you take it before noon).

It might seem like a no brainer when looking at sleep hygiene in an objective sense. But looking at your pre-bedtime ritual objectively is a task best done at any time other than during your pre-bedtime ritual. So keep that in mind: Once you take the supplement to help you sleep, it’s screens off. Read a book, chat with a significant other, or tidy your apartment (or house for you non city-dwellers).


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