Stanford Trained Sleep Doc Does Reddit AMA: 4 Takeaways You Need To Know

Sleep news just doesn’t get the credit it deserves! So when Stanford-trained sleep doc Nitun Verma does a Q&A session on the web’s biggest forum, I think it definitely deserves some reporting. Below are my four favorite takeaways from the crazy-popular reddit session.

1. Verma Says To Prioritize Sleep Hygiene.

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of eating right and using natural remedies to improve sleep. Don’t get me wrong, testing out sleep supplements is currently my #1 hobby. But there are lots of great things that can be done to improve your sleeping space, timing, and physical habits for a good night’s rest.

2. Light Matters.

This might be the most overlooked aspect of sleep hygiene; if you’re being exposed to a lot of light while sleeping, you simply aren’t going to rest as well. Consider trying an eye mask or blackout curtains to cut out light.

3. Sleep Helps The Brain Restructure Itself.

From the good doctor himself:

There are certain things that happen during sleep, such as consolidation of memories and skills learned. During sleep the brain is being restructured and reorganized. This is part of one theory: brain plasticity.

4. There’s A Connection Between Poor Sleep And Sleep Paralysis

In his research, Verma has seen a connection between poor sleep/sleep deprivation and increased instances of sleep paralysis. Another incentive to prioritize resting up!


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