The Best Breakfast Foods To Start Your Morning Refreshed

The choices you make at breakfast can set the tone for your whole day. I used to think I needed a big breakfast to start my day off right, but years of trial and error have taught me that there is no universal answer when it comes to breakfast; it should be tailored to meet individual needs.

The Problem

Mornings are usually hectic, and without a set plan for breakfast, there is a risk of resorting to a bagel a donut, or nothing at all. After an overnight fast, it is important to jumpstart your metabolism by giving it fuel. Choosing the right breakfast for your lifestyle can help keep you feeling refreshed until lunchtime.

The Fix

As I mentioned before, you have to find the right combination of macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat) that will supply you with sustained energy — and no mid-morning crash.

Those who work out in the morning, or whose jobs involve physical activity or being on their feet, will likely need a different combination than desk jockeys.

My Tips and Favorite Breakfast Foods

  • Bulletproof Coffee. This is my personal favorite. By starting the day off with coffee blended with Brain Octane, a medium chain triglyceride (MCT), and grass-fed butter, there is a guarantee that you will feel energized. In addition to the caffeine, the MCT and the butter provide easily accessible fuel to the brain, mitigating early morning brain-fog.
  • Steel-Cut Oats, seasonal fruit, and Whey Protein. For those who work out in the morning, or have a physically demanding job, this is a great option. These oats take a little longer to cook, but are loaded with heart-healthy fiber. Add a little fruit (or honey) for sweetness and whey for protein, and you have a perfectly balanced breakfast.
  • Eggs, Sprouted Grains Toast, and Avocado. Prefer something savory? This combination has plenty of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates that can provide  long-lasting energy.

While I highly recommend trying the Bulletproof Coffee route, do give all of these options a try before settling into a favorite. On the rare occasions when I do eat breakfast, I reach for eggs, or anything else that’s savory, and I usually skip the bread. I know that for me, carbs, even complex ones, will cause my insulin to spike and set off a chain reaction of hunger and crashes that are not enjoyable. The Bulletproof Coffee gives me all of the energy I need, and I don’t feel hungry until lunchtime.


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