Are You An Athlete? You Should Probably Try Natural Calm

Magnesium: It’s a vital nutrient up to 70% of the population (or more!) is deficient in. Our body can’t make it, so we need to consume it from food or supplement sources. And it’s especially necessary when the body undergoes sustained and/or vigorous exercise, partially because our muscles need it to function and because we lose so much of it through sweat.

Even more simply put: Athletes have a higher magnesium requirement than the general population. Now, that can be a bit misleading. I’m not a college athlete anymore, and I don’t call myself an “athlete” in casual conversation. But if you’re a member of the population who works out four or more times per week (like me) across a variety of moderate to high-intensity activities — CrossFit, certain types of yoga, running, kickboxing, weightlifting, etc. — the same truth holds. You’re probably not getting enough magnesium. Endurance athletes especially seem to be able to handle (and might need) upwards of 500 mg of magnesium per day, and relatively few of us are getting that from our diets (though that can be partially addressed by eating more magnesium-rich foods).

One of my favorite sleep supplements is Natural Calm (I’ve written about it a few times before, including how it can be used in an existing pre-sleep routine). It’s a supplement that comes in different flavors, pairs nicely with calcium (and comes in a form already paired with calcium), and contains upwards of 80% of the normal daily recommended dose of magnesium per serving. While plenty of other sleep supplements contain magnesium, this is among the most concentrated doses you’ll find — and because it’s not paired with melatonin or other potent sleep inducers, you can take it pretty much any time of day (but it’s especially good a half hour before bed).

However you get your magnesium, make sure you’re getting enough. And if you want an easy way to get some more, get ready to mix and enjoy!


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