The Best Sleep Supplements For Naps And Shorter Duration Sleep

In an ideal world, we’d all get 8 to 9 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep (and not just on the weekends). In reality, most of us won’t have that luxury for more than a few days at a time. That’s true even on vacation, where people often expect a ton of great rest but end up with sub-optimal sleep. (Ever feel like you needed a vacation from your vacation? Me too, and I’m already working on a blog post about it!)

Fortunately, I’ve tested enough sleep supplements to find a few that work even when you don’t have 8+ hours to snooze. There have been some potent supps, for sure: Endocrine PM induces some of the deepest sleep I’ve ever had, but if you need to wake up before at least 8 hours have passed, you’re going to feel some leftover grogginess. Power To Sleep is easy to use and time and leaves me feeling refreshed in both body and mind, but there are options I’d go to first if my sleep window was less than 7 hours.

So far, my top choices for improving sleep when you don’t have a long, long night to rest are:

Food For Sleep. One of my go-to tools in the fight against jet lag, Food For Sleep helps me rest through long nights and get more out of shorter duration sleep (and even naps).

Sleep Blend SP-17. This refreshingly-scented supp is pleasantly mild and will help with cat naps in a pinch.

New Mood. When stacked with melatonin, New Mood is great for a long night’s rest. On its own, New Mood is good for all-day feelings of calm and non-drowsy sleep of almost any duration.


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