Charcoal Powered Sleep: Reviewing Binchotan Eye Mask By Morihata

I’ve had the Binchotan Eye Mask for a while now. I got it mainly because I have been using the Kishu Binchotan Water Purifier Charcoal for years, and love what it does to tap water. I’m very lucky to have such amazing tap water here in NYC, but these charcoals make it taste like the water is coming straight from a creek, and I love that.

I’ve written about the benefits of sleep masks (and sleeping in total darkness, or close to it) before. So when I saw a sleeping mask with the same activated charcoal, I bought it right away.

Stated Use

Made with the highest-quality activated charcoal, the Binchotan Eye Mask helps relieve fatigue by easing tension and pressure around the eyes.

Active Ingredients

Kishu Binchotan Charcoal

My Experience

Even pups can use a good sleep mask.
Even pups can use a good sleep mask.

I first started using this mask during the winter, when the sun comes up a little later. While there was a significant amount of light still coming through the mask, from the sides and bottom — it does not feel like it fits me the way it was intended to — I did notice that my eyes were not nearly as puffy in the morning, and that my trademark dark under-the-eye circles were a lot less visible than usual. Because I usually get up before the sun comes up in the Fall-Spring, I have continued using it and enjoying how rested my eyes looked and felt after a night’s sleep with the mask. I suspect that my narrow face and shape of my nose could be the culprits for how ill-fitting the mask was on me.


  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Good adjustable straps
  • The added charcoal yields visible benefits — rested-looking eyes


  • It lets a lot of light in from the bottom (this may be a nose-specific issue)
  • It lets some light in from the sides

The Final Word

I like the Binchotan Eye Mask enough to keep using it in  the months I get up before the sun is up. It’s a good winter compliment to the SleePedia mask I’ve been wearing during the summer.


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