Why Do So Many CrossFitters Like Max Sleep By Driven Performance Labs?

In my review of Max Sleep, I noted that it helped induce some of the deepest sleep I’ve ever experienced (well, at least as an adult; I’ll never get those teenage marathon sleep sessions back). And while I think it may be only marginally better than a good ZMA formula, I was still generally a fan: It’s relatively innovative, and it’s targeted at a market that NEEDS some help with sleeping.

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I’m talking, of course, about CrossFitters (and really any high-intensity training athletes). The manufacturer, Dynamic Nutrition, was introduced to me by CrossFitter friends shortly after I joined a new CrossFit box (full disclosure, I do CrossFit a few times per week, though I also work in yoga and other fitness methods pretty regularly; I’m not quite at the intensity level of some of these friends!). Dynamic Nutrition sponsors a few big-name lifters and CrossFit athletes, and if you follow that space, you may see those Instagram celebs post about their products (Max Sleep and Max Adrenal) and nutritional plans.

And really, that’s the main reason I see this supplement getting community-specific traction: They’re targeted, and they DO need good rest to perform at their best. Max Sleep definitely improved my rest, I’m just not convinced quite yet it’s head and shoulders above ZMA (I like ZMA with Theanine), and it’s definitely more expensive. And though it has a broader ingredient list, Max Sleep also contains significantly less magnesium than a standard ZMA formula, one of my favorite ingredients for relaxation.

Thinking of trying Max Sleep? I’d highly recommend trying out a good ZMA formulation first (like True Athlete’s). If you respond well to it, the extra ingredients in Max Sleep might NOT do you a ton of good (and with less magnesium, it could be less effective for some folks). Like I’ve said, I liked Max Sleep — but not significantly more than its much more straightforward, cheaper cousin.


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