How Does Dream Water Taste?

Dream Water comes in an easy-to-drink shot, and one upside of liquid sleep supplements is that they generally seem to absorb (and thus act) quickly. I’ve tried some truly bad tasting liquid sleep supplements — Food for Sleep is bitter but still a good, natural supplement, and GABAwave is one of the most effective supplements I’ve ever tried even though it tastes pretty terrible. Dream Water is definitely a cut above the rest as far as taste, though its stevia-sweet taste isn’t something you’ll come to crave.

Currently, Dream Water comes in three flavors: Snoozeberry, nightTEA night, and Nighttime Nectar. Snoozeberry is my favorite and tastes the least “artificial” to me, though people will have their own preferences I’m sure. I usually chase Dream Water with a few sips of juice or half a glass of water; often, I’ll brush my teeth right after, since I take it just before bed anyway. Talking to other friends who have tried liquid “shot” sleep supplements, this seems to be a routine many people end up with. Take sleep supplement, brush teeth, go to bed.


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