Dream Water Versus GABAwave: Which Is Better?

Dream Water LabelDream Water and GABAwave are two sleep supplements I keep coming back to (even after testing dozens of other ones, these are both in my top 6 or 7). Both contain GABA (Gamma-aminobutryic Acid), but despite sharing an active ingredient, that’s about where the similarities end.

Dream Water is a robust stack featuring several active ingredients: GABA, melatonin, and tryptophan-related compound 5-HTP. I’ve had a lot of success taking it right before bed, both as a full serving for deep, long nights of rest and as a half serving to improve my rest quality on nights where I’m sleeping for under 7.5 hours. It’s a highly absorbable shot and seems to hit very quickly, which usually helps me fall asleep faster than when I’m not supplemented.

GABAwave LabelGABAwave, in contrast, has only one active ingredient: a proprietary form of GABA — 600 mg worth, which is more than the entire combined active ingredient amount in Dream Water. GABAwave is best taken before noon, and I feel its effects for up to two days after taking it. That means more-restful-than-normal sleep along with increased focus and reduced anxiety during the day. GABAwave is a sleep enhancer and nootropic, and it generally elevates my feelings of calm and focus whether I’m awake or asleep. It’s very potent, though, and the manufacturer itself (Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof/Upgraded Self) recommends not taking more than three ampules per week.

Need help falling asleep and staying asleep? Dream Water is a great option right before bed. Looking for a strong dose of GABA with a broad range of focusing, calming effects? GABAwave is the best “sleep supplement” I’ve found for that, though it doesn’t really feel like or act like a “normal” sleep supplement.


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