How Often Should You Take Natural Calm?

Natural Calm is one of the world’s most popular sleep supplements, and you can read about why it’s one of my favorites here. And while I spend a lot of time testing new sleep supplements for this site — which means I’m testing them for awhile individually and not using other sleep supplements in order to get an accurate take — Natural Calm is one I turn to quite often in my normal life. But how often do I take it, and is taking Natural Calm regularly okay?

The most frequently I take this supplement is around four times per week (but I’ve done more). I’ve never experienced any side effects from Natural Calm, though for some people — especially when starting magnesium supplementation for the first time — it can cause loose bowels and frequent bowel movements. This will often pass as the body adapts to magnesium intake (when it might have been experiencing a magnesium deficiency beforehand), and it might be a plus for those experiencing constipation. Start with half or even a third of the recommended dose to begin, then gradually up your intake to give your body time to adapt; some people might not need a full dose to get the full, calming effect that I really like.

I’ll often take Natural Calm on consecutive weekdays — maybe four or five in a row — in order to help relax and rest better. This is especially true if I’m working out during the week and keeping a busy pace at work, in the gym, and at home (magnesium is important for athletes because it plays a crucial role in muscle function). I’m not a fan of taking any sleep supplement every night for more than a week, so I often take the weekends off of Natural Calm.

Overall, this is the sleep supplement I tend to use most often and most consistently, and I haven’t had any problems taking it very regularly. I also know several other people who take Natural Calm multiple nights in a week and multiple nights in a row with no problems. Everyone is different, though, so talk to your healthcare professional if you experience any symptoms or side effects with regular use.


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