New Mood vs Alpha BRAIN: Which Is Best for Sleep?

Ever since I posted my review of Alpha BRAIN, I have received questions asking which of Onnit’s supplements I preferred, New Mood or Alpha BRAIN. I find it hard to answer this question, since I really like both supplements, and they really are quite different from one another. In fact, I make room for both of them in my supplement regimen.

If you remember from my review, Alpha BRAIN is a supplement I like to optimize my, well, brain. I really enjoy the way it makes me feel — nothing crazy, but a bit more focused, alert, and like my brain is firing on all cylinders. I also really like the fact that — unlike other nootropics out there, a few of which I’ve tried — this is caffeine-free, which means I can enjoy my morning coffee without risking extra jitteriness.

As for New Mood, a supplement designed specifically to boost serotonin levels, I use it often not only for high-stress situations and travel days, but as a daily supplement to help support my mood. It’s also one of my all-time favorite sleep supplements. New Mood is mild enough for me to use every day, but as with any other sleep and relaxation supplements, I like to cycle it,  so that my body can reset its own baseline.

For me, the ultimate answer of which supplement is better is simple: They both work well for me, but in different capacities. I have found that when taken together, they work synergistically, improving focus, cognitive function and mood. I have experimented on taking Alpha BRAIN and New Mood together in the morning, for days when I anticipate being on edge or under a little extra stress. Otherwise, I stick with Alpha BRAIN in the morning. I generally take New Mood in the evening to help induce restorative sleep.

Of course, it might take some time to find what works better for you. Regardless of whether you choose to stack these supplements, take them individually, or turn to something else, these two supplements by Onnit are two of my favorites.


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