What Does GABAwave Taste Like?

Note: Currently, GABAwave is unavailable from the manufacturer. I really liked this supplement but have been unable to find it (and many phenibut-containing supplements have recently been taken off the market, it seems). I’ve started using New Mood more frequently instead of GABAwave, especially for travel. Read my full New Mood review here.

I’ll start off with the hard truth: GABAwave by Bulletproof does NOT taste good. It’s salty and bitter, and on multiple occasions I’ve been tempted to pinch my nose when taking it.

With that out of the way, despite its taste, GABAwave is hands-down one of my favorite sleep supplements. It helps me sleep restfully for 8+ hours, and I feel focused, alert, and productive for up to several days after taking an ampule (as I note in my review, the manufacturer recommends not taking more than one ampule every 36 hours — this is powerful stuff, and I definitely feel the boost in both rest quality and focus for more than a day; basically, I wouldn’t advise taking it more frequently or feeling like I need to).

The manufacturer also recommends starting with less than a full serving (one ampule) when you start to assess your reaction. Also, I stay away from alcohol for a few days after taking GABAwave — I once took a few sips on the same day I took GABAwave, and I was immediately drowsy. Again, powerful stuff!

I haven’t found many good flavors that help combat GABAwave’s bad taste, but chasing it with some sort of light juice has seemed helpful. The good news is that the flavor doesn’t linger long in your mouth, as the liquid that comprises GABAwave will wash down fairly quickly with a chaser.

I find this supplement’s poor taste a relatively small obstacle to the benefits I get from it.


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