When Is The Best Time To Take New Mood?

If you are under a lot of mental stress or experiencing mood swings, New Mood may help you get more than just a restorative night’s sleep.

As you may remember from my New Mood review, I’m a fan of the product as a sleep supplement, but its benefits go beyond that. As a serotonin-boosting supplement, New Mood is formulated to help balance moods, and reduce mental stress — meaning that the best time to take New Mood is completely up to you.  

New Mood By Onnit Label1. At bedtime, for a restful night’s sleep

If you are looking to use it purely as a sleep supplement, I suggest taking 2 capsules 30 minutes before bed on an empty stomach. I have had great results stacking it with melatonin for a restful night’s sleep. It’s not the most powerful sleep supplement I’ve taken, but its broadly effective ingredient stack means it boosts relaxation and calm through a variety of pathways. So it’s definitely more versatile than a lot of the other supplements I like for rest.

2. Anytime during the day, for a restorative nap

New Mood Can also be taken as a nap supplement. I usually take 1 capsule if I’m setting my Power Nap app to Power Nap or Recovery Nap, and 2 capsules if I’m setting it to 1 Sleep Cycle. New Mood helps me relax, shut my brain off, and get the most out of my nap. I usually wake up well-rested and feeling refreshed.

3. On travel days, to help mitigate anxiety and jet-lag

As an anxious traveler, I have used New Mood on travel days, with great results. I take two capsules before leaving the house — the trek across-town to JFK airport is one of my least-favorite parts of traveling — and New Mood goes a long way in helping me manage that stress. I have also taken 2 capsules of New Mood once I board  redeye, cross-country, and intercontinental flights to help me fall asleep, and then again 2 capsules the first full night at my destination.

4. Up to three times daily, on high-stress (or Cranky Pants) days

New Mood is also useful on days when I’m on edge, irritable, or what I like to call Cranky Pants.  I have experimented with taking  2 capsules of New Mood three times during the day — morning, afternoon, and at bedtime — with some incredible results. I can feel feel the results almost immediately, the edge starts to dissolve, and in its place I feel a wave of calm wash over me (a bit like Natural Calm).  

For me, the best time to take New Mood depends entirely on what kind of results I’m looking for. I would recommend trying New Mood at different times to find what works best for you.

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