When Should You Take Iron Dream By MusclePharm?

When determining when I should take Iron Dream as a sleep and recovery supplement, there are a few things I take into consideration, including recent works, hours available to sleep, and previous use of Iron Dream during the week. 

As you may remember from my Iron Dream review, this supplement is designed not only to help you sleep, but also to recover from workouts. This supplement is comprised of both a Night Growth Matrix and a Muscle Recovery Matrix that work synergistically.

Iron Dream MusclePharm Label 1Take Iron Dream when you have at least 8 hours to sleep. I have found that any less than 8 hours of sleep, and I risk waking up groggy or foggy, rather than rested and refreshed.

Take Iron Dream on nights after a tough workout. When I have an extra-hard session at the gym, or when I can anticipate DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), I turn take Iron Dream 45 minutes before bed. Rest is one of the best ways to recover, and a good night’s sleep, paired with the anabolic-anticatabolic properties of Iron Dream, is what makes this my first choice when looking for a sleep AND recovery aid.

Take Iron Dream no more than 5 times a week. MusclePharm, the manufacturers of Iron Dream, suggest taking Iron Dream 5 days on and 2 off.  Since I usually work out 5 days a week, taking 2 off, I tend to cycle according to my workouts, rather than taking it on 5 consecutive days.

I choose when to take Iron Dream depending on both my workout schedule and hours I have available to sleep. You may want to experiment with your schedule to find out when Iron Dream would benefit you the most.


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