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Theanine vs Tyrosine: What’s the Difference?

Theanine is an increasingly common ingredient (at least from what I’ve tested) in sleep supplements. It has a calming yet non-sedative effect, which is why it’s in sleep supplement blends and added to some existing blends like ZMA. In fact,…

Is Lucid Dreaming the Next Big Thing in Sleep?

There are a number of sleep supplements on the market claiming to help induce lucid dreaming. I, unsurprisingly, will be setting out to test some of them and give my reviews in the near future. But what exactly is lucid…

New Mood and Alpha BRAIN Together: A User’s Take

Though I’m most interested in sleep and recovery supplements — and testing them! — I’ve also experimented with some fairly mainstream, natural nootropics (aka brain supplements). One of those is Alpha BRAIN, a popular nootropic formula made by Onnit. Onnit

New Mood vs Alpha BRAIN: Which Is Best for Sleep?

Ever since I posted my review of Alpha BRAIN, I have received questions asking which of Onnit’s supplements I preferred, New Mood or Alpha BRAIN. I find it hard to answer this question, since I really like both supplements, and…

Alpha Brain Review: Is It Good For Sleep?

In the past few months, I have found a number of supplements and hacks to help me maximize my sleep.  One of my favorites is Onnit’s New Mood, a supplement I use not only to help me with sleep,…