Hi! Thank you for visiting SupplementYourSleep.com. I started this website after years of struggling with getting a good night’s rest. After trying better beds, new sheets, and special pillows, I realized I was missing a key component of optimal rest: nutrition and supplementation. So I made it my personal quest to find out more, and now I’m hoping what I’ve learned can make sleeping a little more manageable for you.

When I set out to learn about sleep nutrition, I had trouble finding a solid resource on the subject. I’ve been an athlete most of my life (well, at least up through college), but after settling into the workforce and launching a career, I stopped getting those “pass-out-immediately, rock-solid-rest” nights I’d come to know and love. I was stressed, busy, and had difficulty unwinding at the end of a long day (and a move to New York City didn’t help matters). Updating my mattress and buying new curtains helped, but it just wasn’t enough. My diet needed some serious tweaking — and a little help from the supplement world.

Through a lot of personal experimentation, I began to learn more about what the supplement industry had to offer, as well as ways I could tweak my diet and eating habits to boost rest quality. It was intimidating at first (especially when it comes to all the supplements out there), but I eventually gained some clarity on what worked for me. And I’m still finding new supplements and eating habits that make sleeping just a little more refreshing and hassle-free.

Now I’m bringing that information to you. I’ve reviewed every supplement on this site and tried every nutrition tip, hack, and tweak mentioned. And through that, I’m hoping I can bring you some of the clearest and most unbiased info on the web. I’m happy to be a guinea pig in the name of good rest.

I love hearing from readers, so let me know if you have any questions or tips for what I should try next!

Rest up!

I’m not a medical professional, and my opinions thoughts and opinions on this site aren’t meant to take the place of medical advice. If you think you might have a medical condition, talk to your doctor!