Natural Remedies

Great sleep is closer than you think. Read our simple tips and tricks to learn how you can use natural remedies to get a better night’s rest.

My Morning 3-Ingredient Hazelnut Mini Granola Bars

While I usually have a Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast, there are days where I do crave something sweet. I love granola, but since I hardly ever get to eat breakfast at home, I need something more portable. These 3-Ingredient Hazelnut…

My Top 5 Hacks for Waking Up Early

I’ve never had trouble waking up in the morning, but I have received a number of questions asking for tips to make waking up in the morning easier. To me, I believe what makes waking up easier is a combination…

Hey, You! Stop Reading In Bed!

Think quitting electronics a half hour or more before bedtime will improve your sleep? Chances are, it will. But before you crawl into bed with a book, consider repositioning your reading. Yes, a book can be a great way…

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