Wearable Tech To Improve Your Sleep? Reviewing Moov Now

You may have noticed me mentioning my Sleep Tracker in some of my reviews, but what is it, and how can you use it to help improve your sleep?

I use both the Sleep Tracker app by Northcube and the Moov Now device and app on a nightly basis to let me know not only how much, but what quality of sleep I’m getting. I also use it to help gauge the effectiveness of different sleep supplements I test. These apps track the sleep quality by measuring how much, or how little, you move during the night.

Today, I’m going to be reviewing the Moov Now device. If you find it interesting, leave a comment and let me know which other sleep trackers you’d like me to test out and compare.

My Experience

Moov Now App ScreenshotThe Moov Now is the newest Multi-Sport Activity & Sleep Tracker + Coach by Moov. It is a great device to track the quality of your sleep, as well as your activity level, throughout the day. Unlike the Sleep Tracker app (by Northcube, which I’ll also review at some point), the Moov Now app gives you the total amount of sleep and total amount of restorative sleep for the night. There are no Trends and Statistics available for now, but I expect this will change in the near future with software updates.

It is important to note that the small band was almost not small enough for my puny wrists. I have actually gone back and forth between wearing the “battery” portion on the top or bottom of my wrists, and have decided that for me, wearing it “backwards,” with the battery on the bottom, is more comfortable.

I wear mine continuously, and it uses an accelerometer and Moov’s Omni Motion to determine not only sleep quality, but also how active you are throughout the day. It also even you feedback on movement “quality” during runs and workouts, though I’m not sure how reliable those metrics are just yet.


  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • It’s light and easy to use
  • You don’t have to charge the battery
  • Because it’s wearable, it’s observationally more accurate in tracking sleep quality
  • There are a number of available workouts that you use through the app


  • It’s brand new, so there are still small kinks in the app software
  • No Trends and Statistics feature
  • The battery may come out during a restless night (yup, happened to me)
  • Not made for small wrists


I will continue to use this, not only as a sleep tracker, but as a daily activity tracker as well. The data I get from the Moov Now app is different enough from the Sleep Cycle to warrant that I keep using both apps, at least for now.

Just like with sleep supplements, sometimes you have to stack a couple of favorites to get things working just the way you like them. These are both great standalone sleep trackers, but together, they are just right for me.


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