Is Iron Dream Good For Recovery?

If you read my Iron Dream review, you already know I’m a fan of it as both a sleep (and fun-dream-inducer) and a recovery supplement.

Iron Dream was designed specifically as a nighttime recovery and muscle growth supplement. Taking into consideration that sleep is a key part of the recovery cycle, MusclePharm made Iron Dream with both amino-acids, and well-researched, sleep-inducing supplements like melatonin.

The Night Growth Matrix and the Muscle Recovery Matrix in Iron Dream are complete enough to stand on their own, but when combined, they make for one of the best recovery aids I have tested. I reach for this supplement after longer or heavier workouts, and I do feel as if my recovery time and soreness are greatly diminished when taking it.

The Night Growth Matrix is responsible for increasing both duration and quality of sleep, while promoting stable and natural levels of the growth hormone. In complementary fashion, the Muscle Recovery Matrix encourages protein synthesis, helping keep the body from entering a catabolic state, which isn’t good for muscle growth.  

As much as I enjoy this supplement on nights where my workouts are a little extra grueling, I need to make sure that I have at least 8 hours to sleep it off, otherwise I run the risk of waking up a little groggy. I could also do without the artificial flavors, but I since I only take it once or twice a week, I feel like it is worth the tradeoff of not being massively sore the day (or two) after a debilitating workout.

For me, Iron Dream is a phenomenal recovery tool, and I will continue to use it as needed.


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