When Is the Best Time to Drink Coffee? Not When Most People Do

As much as I work to prioritize good sleep habits, I can still use a boost getting up and awake in the morning. That’s why I’ve tested over 50 sleep supplements in the past couple of years. And, yes, I drink coffee, sometimes a bit TOO much coffee, to help me get going after bed. But I’m probably drinking coffee at the wrong time, along with most other people. It turns out, the best time to get a caffeine boost ISN’T first thing after waking up, or even with breakfast.

Check out the video below for a cool explanation of why exactly this is so:

The lesson, according to research, may be to time coffee/caffeine intake around hormone peaks and cycles in the body. For a lot of people, this will probably mean drinking coffee between 10am and noon, and/or between 2pm and 5pm. 

The first time frame will probably correspond to a quick work break after the day is already rolling. The second is exactly in that post-lunch afternoon slump people dread, though I find a good night’s sleep helps me fight that off pretty effectively.

I’ve been pushing back my morning cup of Joe from 8am until about 9:30am, though I haven’t made the transition to the above time period just yet (though my goal is to, I still can’t hold out quite long enough). Overall, I’ve found my coffee “boost” actually seems to last a little bit longer when I drink coffee gradually later in the morning, powering me through until after lunch and well into the afternoon. After watching the video above, I think I now know why!

It’s worth noting that from my personal experience, it helps to cut off coffee at 5pm or even earlier if I want to get a good night’s sleep.

What’s your morning routine? Do you vary when you drink coffee? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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