Your Bedroom Is Probably Too Hot For Sleep

One of my favorite sleep hacks involves cooling a particular part of the body to trigger rest. And more research these days suggests cooler temperatures help us sleep better — think sub-70 degrees Fahrenheit. It turns out cooler sleeping atmospheres might also help spark our metabolisms to burn more fat while resting, so that’s an added bonus.

This entire site was created because I’m constantly working to optimize my own sleep. Beyond trying out a huge variety of sleep supplements, my personal exploration has led to numerous other tweaks. And these days, I’m sleeping in a cooler, darker room than ever. Combined with some solid supplements in the right combinations (you can read my most recent reviews and supplement rundowns here), that’s made for a better rested, all-around happier me.

That’s paid dividends in the gym, workplace, and even with other bedroom activities (ahem). It’s also reminded me that the journey to a better night’s rest isn’t a one-stop shop. The body changes and adapts over time, and even seasonal shifts or personal scheduling changes can mean I need to tweak my sleep hygiene and supplementation to keep resting well. It might seem like extra work, but overall it’s been completely worth the exploration and experimentation. And hopefully my personal testing can save you time in finding the best ways to help you sleep better!

Until then, stay cool — especially when you snooze.


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