Can You Beat Red-Eye Jet Lag? Stacking Food For Sleep And Power To Sleep

Lately, I’ve been traveling upwards of twice per month for work. And as a relative newcomer to my office, that often means long layovers, early takeoffs, and some dreaded red-eye flights (ugh). But fortunately, this uptick in travel coincides nicely with my sleep supplement testing. It’s taken a lot of trial and error, but I’ve finally found a combo of two supplements — taken at different times, more on that below — that’s been great at helping me fight and recover from jet lag, especially when an overnight flight is involved.

Here’s how I stack Food for Sleep and Power to Sleep (both supplements I’ve reviewed before) when flying overnight to a new destination.

1. Take Food for Sleep on my way to the airport or right before boarding (it’s under 3 ounces, so the liquid shot is TSA-friendly). While I never assume I’ll get a great night’s sleep on a flight, the L-Tryptophan seems to help calm me and aid whatever sleep I can manage without leaving me feeling groggy upon landing.

Pro tip: This supplement doesn’t taste very good, but I’ve found it to be a little more manageable when it’s chilled or nearly frozen.

2. Take Power to Sleep the first full night in the new location. I’ve found the best way to fight jet lag during the first day back on the ground is to power through until it’s time for bed again (even if it’s a new time zone). Two Power to Sleep pills a half hour or so before bed seem to do the trick in inducing a night of deep, restorative sleep (I really try and get at least 8 hours in order to wake fully rested and adjusted). One of this supplement’s main ingredients is melatonin, which research suggests is a powerful ingredient in fighting travel and jet lag fatigue.


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