Stack Food For Sleep And Valerian For Athletic Recovery And Rest

It’s no secret I’m becoming a fan of Food for Sleep, and lately I’ve been experimenting with a few new supplement stacks that incorporate the somewhat-bitter-but-darn-effective sleep aid. I stacked it with Power to Sleep for an effective jet lag cure, and now I’ve found it beneficial for a different goal: athletic recovery.

Taking Food for Sleep with Valerian (I used Solaray’s valerian root extract) about a half hour before bed has led to deep, restful sleep that leaves me feeling recharged. It also left me much less sore than expected the night after (or two nights after, in some cases) a tough workout. This has been especially helpful as I incorporate a daily push-up challenge into my normal routine, which involves several CrossFit classes every week in addition to the occasional spin class. (I also do yoga, though with less-than-great mobility, I should probably do it more often.) The deep sleep plus the tart cherry in Food for Sleep has made my muscles feel more recovered than after an unaided night’s rest.

I’ll keep experimenting with stacks for all uses. Some have been total duds, but this is one I’ll be revisiting after exercise!

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