Is New Mood Better Than Regular Valerian?

Valerian has been used as a sleep aid for centuries, and there is a good amount of evidence that it’s effective in treating insomnia (and generally promoting more restful sleep). Valerian has sedative properties that act on the brain and nervous system, helping you fall asleep and stay there.

From my review of Valerian Root Extract by Solaray, you may remember that while I love the smell of this product, it is extremely mild. I rarely use it on its own, choosing to stack it with other sleep supplements like 5-HTP or L-tryptophan nearly every time I use it.

Valerian is one of the ingredients in New Mood, and it is appropriately a part of the supplement’s Tranquility Blend. A serving of New Mood also contains 150 mg of  5-HTP and 400 mg of tryptophan, in addition to Chamomile extract, Lemon Balm leaf extract, and other well-researched, sleep-promoting ingredients. The ingredients in New Mood are specifically designed to boost serotonin — a mood-stabilizing chemical that can also help promote healthy patterns of sleep.

On it’s own, New Mood is both a sleep- and mood-boosting supplement, while in my experience valerian only acts as a mild sedative on its own. In addition to valerian, New Mood contains pretty much all the ingredients I stack with valerian to boost its effects. Taking New Mood normally saves me the hassle of putting together my own stacks to get the best out of valerian supplementation.

For me, New Mood is the clear winner, because it’s A) convenient B) pretty flexible, as it can be taken for general relaxation during the day and C) provides you with both the sedation and relaxation of valerian and the added benefit of the serotonin-boosting blend. 


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