Who Is Onnit, The Company Behind New Mood?

Onnit is one of the world’s most talked-about supplement companies, and in the relatively short time since its launch in 2011, it’s recruited a group of high-profile athletes, influencers, and celebrities. It’s the brand behind Alpha Brain, New Mood (one of my favorite sleep and relaxation-enhancing supplements), animal-themed kettlebells, and more — but it’s probably still better known for Joe Rogan adds and commercials on YouTube and popular podcasts.

Onnit LogoBut if you look a little bit below the surface, there’s actually more to Onnit than might meet the eye. Sure, they have a high-profile list of athletes, but they also have a number of noted physicians on board. And unlike the vast majority of supplement companies, Onnit has taken the time to fund and publish clinical trials for some of their supplements. Are these the most unbiased studies ever conducted? Probably not, but the evidence they give seems to have followed relatively robust testing procedures, and the outcomes are promising. Basically, it’s a big leap beyond what many other brands bother to do.

Onnit was founded by entrepreneur and podcast personality Aubrey Marcus, and his company has grown from a small line of supplements to apparel, food, and (you guessed it) a lot more supplements. Aubrey and the Onnit team have also partnered with DeFranco’s gym to create DeFranco’s Gym At The Onnit Academy, a new take on the average functional fitness gym. Onnit has spent big money “walking the walk” to build a true lifestyle around their brand. As they release new products and services, they’re becoming more of a one-stop shop for people who want to up their health and wellness games.

That means Onnit is probably going to increase their reach and product sourcing capabilities in the near future. Their supplements — including New Mood — already feature some of the most well-sourced ingredients I’ve ever seen in supplements, and I hope they maintain that commitment to quality and sourcing as they grow. Company culture can change a lot with more customers and increased demand, so it will be interesting to see if Onnit can maintain their atmosphere and unique attitude as compared to their competitors in various spaces (after all, it’s hard to miss how quickly they’re trying to vertically integrate).


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