South Pacific Secret: Reviewing Kava Kava By Natrol

I first heard of kava kava in high school after a friend’s mom brought some back from a vacation in Tahiti. My friend used it to help her cope with her anxiety issues, and whether it was psychosomatic or real, her anxiety symptoms seemed to be better when she took the kava kava.

Unfortunately, reports of liver damage after taking kava kava have started popping up all over the West. People in the South Pacific have been using this root for centuries to combat anxiety and insomnia with few reported side effects. The problem is, even after a number of studies (like this one), there is no clear consensus as to why or how kava kava may cause liver damage. But it still carries a potential risk.

Stated Use

Delivers the benefits of this age-old herb in an easy-to-swallow capsule that can help soothe your mind and body, while promoting relaxation. Calms your body and your mind.

Active Ingredients

  • Kava Kava By Natrol LabelKava Kava Extract — Used for centuries to treat anxiety, stress, insomnia, ADHD, depression, and headaches, some people in the South Pacific make a recreational drink out of the roots, which are said to bring about a both a sense of calm and euphoria.
  • Kavalactones 30% — These are the specific compounds present in the root of the kava. So while I’ve listed this as a single-ingredient supplement, there are really 15 of these compounds and their concentrations vary depending on the type of kava. This number means that 30% of the contents of each pill, are pure “active” compounds.

In addition to the above, the supplement contains gelatin, silica, maltodextrin, water, rice powder, and magnesium stearate.

My Experience

Following the bottle’s directions, I took one of the small beigish capsules with dinner. After a rough day at work, I did feel some of my anxiety diminish. At bedtime, I didn’t fall asleep right away, but sleep came quicker than without any supplements. I fell into a deep sleep, but I did wake up a couple of time throughout the night. There was no haziness or grogginess when I woke up.


  • Easy to use and time
  • Diminished anxiety levels
  • Induced deep sleep


  • Possible liver-related side effects
  • Deep, but not uninterrupted sleep

The Final Word

The Kava Kava from Natrol had a definite impact on my anxiety levels, but not as great as an impact as I would’ve liked on my sleep. While the sleep I had was deep and restful, I woke up a couple of times during the night and had a hard time falling back asleep. I will try stacking it with melatonin and will report back. I’m hoping that stack can provide a deep sleep on top of reducing anxiety, as I’m becoming a big fan of both supplements individually. If you have a history of liver problems, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before taking this supplement or any other containing Kava Kava.


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